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Picking a Disc

Find the disc that fits your game


Low Drive Dogs

Dogs with Tough Bites

With a lower drive dog we recommend using lighter plastic. This will be easier for your dog to carry and encourage them to play. We also recommend these discs for dogs with a softer bite. 

 Recommended Discs Include: 

Sonic XTRA 215 Distance

XTRA 235 Distance

Z-Disc Light Plastic

Competition Standard Disc

With dogs that like to chomp down with every catch we recommend using a harder plastic. It is important to note that you should never let your dog chew on their discs as toys as you'll be replacing them quite often! And just because your dog destroys their toys doesn't mean they will destroy a softer disc. We recommend starting out with a mid range disc and moving to a harder or softer plastic. 

Recommended Discs Include: 

Superhero 235

Z-Disc Fang Disc

Jawz Disc

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